Medical event registering platform – part of the IT-SOA project

Poznan University of Technology

The Poznan University of Technology is a ten-faculty higher education school educating 20,000 students in 24 degree courses. The university employees more than 1,000 people as the team of academic lecturers.

The Poznan University of Technology conducts wide research and development work and teaching classes within 24 full-time bachelor’s degree and master’s degree courses as well as 14 part-time bachelor’s degree and 12 master’s degree courses. In total, the Poznan University of Technology educates more than 20,000 students.


The IT-SOA project concerns modern information technologies operated within distributed systems. Such technologies, based on the SOA paradigm (Service Oriented Architecture), are used for computerisation of business processes, service platforms and IT infrastructure for e-Science. The essence of this approach is to automate both the process of starting up single services as well as and integration of services into complex business processes.

Within the IT-SOA project, a platform for the medical sector has been created to aid hospitals, clinics and emergency service in patient handling.

Supplied solution

Our role in the project was to design and develop graphic user interfaces for the platform in the form of a website running on ASP.NET. The entire website communicates with system back-end via SOAP to an Oracle database.

Graphic design, coding ASP.NET, JavaScript. SOAP.

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