Dedicated website and app hosting

What is dedicated hosting?

Our offer of dedicated hosting of websites, applications and databases is our distinctive feature among other offers of shared hosting.

  • We are oriented towards quality of provided services, i.e. application operation must be quick and stable.
  • Your application running on our servers is individually configurable according to your needs and requirements, not only in terms of “standard” settings.
  • With us, every application receives its dedicated resources, which means it shares no resources with applications of other customers, as is the case of shared hosting.
  • While many companies offer their services on servers based outside Poland, our servers are located in Poznan in the largest data centre in western Poland. This ensures a very fast connection of all premises in the country and very low latencies  in transmission. In Poznan, there are also interfaces of international backbone networks, which makes it possible to provide services smoothly to customers in Western Europe and the USA.
  • We apply secure solutions – our web, database and infrastructure servers are operated in cluster configurations, meaning that all resources are doubled.
  • Our offer of dedicated hosting is cheaper than maintaining  own servers, as your company incurs no additional expenses associated with administration and maintenance.





Our dedicated hosting service is provided based on systems supplied by Microsoft:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (IIS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2



Comparison with other hosting offers


Shared hosting

Own dedicated servers

Dedicated Thinq hosting

Service quality
Maximum number of sites and applications on one server as the goal of cost optimisation
High quality is paid with incomplete drain on the resources and server capabilities
Balance between costs and optimisation of resources


Administration provided by a hosting provider
The customer is in charge of administration
Administration provided  by Thinq

Low flexibility based on the standard offer
 Flexibility depends on administrator’s skills
Thinq offers an individual approach to every project and an optimum selection of tools and software

Security within a standard offer
Security level depends on administrator’s skills
High level of security provided by Thinq

Dependent on the hosting provider; clustering technologies are uncommon
In case of a server failure – hosted services become unavailable
High reliability due to cluster technologies

Backup copies
Limited – once per day or less frequently
Customer is responsible for back-ups and storage
Continuous back-ups are replicated to multiple servers in multiple locations

Infrastructure and security


Customers using our hosting:

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