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IBIS is a Danish organisation fighting for social justice, equal impact on politics and access to education as well as natural resources.

By means of information campaigns and politics (both in Denmark and abroad), IBIS aids developing countries. It makes problems understandable more easily, indicating specific actions which are counteracting.


The purpose of the project was to create a mobile solution for the environmentally conscious users which will enable the monitoring of the CO2 consumption in their households. The application was also supposed to facilitate work on the reduction of the carbon dioxide consumption. It was important to ensure that the data (including complex calculation rules) and user interface can be easily modified by the Customer by means of administrative tools.

Supplied solution

17. We have designed the entire system from scratch and created a complex application enabling a simple communication between the server and the user’s iPhone. The user may edit settings, select significant factors, establish goals to be achieved, as well as control the results (including chart presentations). The administrator may modify the settings of the application, depending on the changing conditions.

The application was created with large load in mind (even over 100 thousand users). We were involved in its implementation in technical terms, as well as in its administration and support. As a result, a huge system was created which will ultimately be placed on further (not only mobile) platforms.

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