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The first Pomaranczarnia currency exchange was established in Poznan in 1991. Today, Pomaranczarnia is a chain of currency exchange offices running mainly in the Greater Poland and is one of the first on-line currency exchange.


We were entrusted with an interesting task, namely creating a platform for on-line currency exchange. The platform must be secure and ensure high stability of the services being provided.

Supplied solution

Based on our original CMS system, we created a complete exchange platform. Under the project, we developed artwork and visual identification of the currency exchange, designed a website for currency exchange, implemented security measures and encrypting methods in the customer’s network, and supplied an operator panel working as a Windows-based application. Now we provide technological service of the currency exchange. The entire exchange platform is hosted on our dedicated platform.

The website of the on-line currency exchange is available at http://pomaranczarnia.pl/.

Graphic design, Platform currency exchanged based on Thinq CMS, coding ASP.NET, Hosting

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