Exhibition in the Danish Post & Tele Museum

The Danish Post and Telegraph Museum

The Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen is a national museum of the Danish post and telecommunications. In the museum, one can admire the largest national collection of stamps as well as an impressive library of specialised technical solutions.


For Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen we were to create a surprising gadget - a system for tracking the visitors to the exhibition on the history of the espionage and interacting with them.

Supplied solution

We created the system for tracking the visitors taking advantage of the ID badges which every guest received at the entrance and the industrial RFID readers (using radio waves) manufactured by Alien Technology and CAEN. The exhibition was divided into several zones and they were covered by the range of readers which were connected in a network. Special software which we prepared collected and analysed data from the readers. Additional elements of the system were stands based on the PC computers which by means of quizzes and maps enabled additional interaction of the system with visitors by means of a Flash interface. In the last room of the exhibition the visitors are presented a map with the route of their visit and the results of quizzes which they solved.

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