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Sun Chemical, being a part of a Japanese chemical concern, DIS, is the largest manufacturer of paints and colourants for the entire printing world. It is also the leading supplier of printing materials and services on the market of packaging, publishing, coating, plastic materials, cosmetics and other industrial markets. With an annual turnover of USD 4 billion, it hires 12,000 employees worldwide. It owns more than 300 plants worldwide.


Presentation of catalogue sheets and data sheets for several hundred paints, easy searching and minimalist navigation… These were the underlying assumptions for the project completed for SunChemical. Obviously, the entire website had to be fully operated by employees, and therefore it was implemented using our CMS system.

Supplied solution

We developed the website in our original CMS system, allowing the customer to have full control over the entire website and edit all its elements by people without IT training. The search engine on the website suggests search results after each click on the button (as in the case of popular search engines), reducing search time and increasing the chance to get the right result on the first try. Additional search engines operated within catalogue pages speed up the finding process with long lists of products to be looked through. The website is hosted on our platform.

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