Domek Ogrodnika

The Krzyzowa Foundation

The Krzyzowa Foundation has its seat in Poland within the area of the former property of Helmuth James von Moltke’s family where, during the Nazi period, a resistance group took their actions. The foundation is involved in the creation of a dialogue between generations, history and the present time, as well as Western and Easter Europe. In the Krzyzowa Foundation, we create a place for active understanding – we create perspectives for the future.


Environmental education is a concept, which has become very important in recent years. In Domek Ogrodnika (“Gardener’s House”), located within the Krzyzowa Foundation area, all household systems were provided with precise measurements. The objective of our project was the collection of data from the building management system (BMS) with processing and visualisation in the form of a website. Another very important task was the educational aspect, as the website had to allow for a historical analysis of the data collected and provide simple indicators.

Supplied solution

We developed the website and started it in our original CMS system, and as such the foundation’s staff is now able to handle the website and edit all its elements. We extended the CMS system with functions for collecting, analysing and processing the data acquired by BMS in real time. Besides the website, we devised a mechanism visualising all indicators of energy consumption on LED boards.

Graphic design, Thinq CMS, coding ASP.NET

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