FLO brand e-shop


FLO is a chain of shops with designer interior equipment, with its shops located in the largest shopping centres in the country.


For the purposes of a newly established on-line shop we were to create a modern, original and non-standard graphic design, tailor-made to the target group - the young. Moreover, our task was to design leaflets, billboards, advertisements in the youth press and TV, as well as the preparation of materials for a Valentine’s Day promotion. Plans also included the creation of a contest application. All these carriers were supposed to have a coherent appearance and message.

Supplied solution

Graphic designs of the on-line shop, billboards, advertisements for the press and TV were created in vivid and coherent colours, which made them conspicuous and reflected the character of the shop. The website and billboards were created in Flash technology, as was the application used in contests for drawings among users. Due to the homogenous and characteristic stylistic, the recipient can recognise at first sight the brand the carrier represents.

Graphic design

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