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Tatra is the manliest brand in the portfolio of the Żywiec Group. This is one of the most popular beer brands on the Polish market available as premium light, Tatra Jasne Pelne, and strong beer, Tatra Mocne.


This beer with a character needs a website with a character too. It was intended that the website devoted to Tatra would have to follow the path of a real man, i.e. presenting mountain nature, mountain character and experience, as it is commonly known that mountains mean a never-ending challenge. Despite such requirements, we managed to stay cold blooded and accepted the project calmly.

Supplied solution

As a result of our work, a responsive website, using HTML5 and JavaScript, was created. For navigation, JavaScript mechanisms were used, and as such the website does not load when toggling between tabs. Due to high resolution and quality of artwork, we created a preloader, i.e. a mechanism loading all elements of the website upon the first visit. The entire solution is fully editable using our original CMS system. The website is hosted on our platform.

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