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Przystanek Skandynawia

Przystanek Skandynawia is a local travel agency offering unique trips to Scandinavia and the far north.


Our task was to create a website which would be both attractive in appearance and comfortable to operate. It was important to provide the user with an easy access to the searched information without unnecessary delving through numerous subsites and categories. One of the most significant elements was to be an interactive map allowing to search for ferry offers and connections.

Supplied solution

We created a custom-designed, dedicated CMS which enables a very simple and comfortable management of the content of the website, which, what is important, is very friendly for the SEO optimization. We designed the graphic layout of the website which can be associated with Scandinavia by colours and style. In Flash technology a dynamic map was created which enables an easy search for ferry offers and connections. We also used Flash to create a navigation menu, offer rotator and their galleries. The site includes the offer search engine and contact forms for the customers of the Scandinavia Stop agency. Location of the offers can be viewed by means of Google Maps - a comfortable and practical solution. The website is hosted on our platform.

Graphic design, Thinq CMS, coding ASP.NET, Hosting

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